How to Know if Taurus Man or Woman Is Fallen in Love

    When you fall in love with Taurus, you begin to realize that something has changed within you. That something is not as it was before; surprisingly, you do not feel fear. You start to realize that little by little, that person has become something more and that you feel that you could have a future together. You know how to differentiate very well when a person "likes you" to when you are falling in love with someone. You realize that you are REALLY falling in love when you know that you could completely trust that person.

    Normally, Taurus, you are a person who is very afraid of falling in love because you do not like to suffer because you do not like to have your heart broken and step on you as if you were nobody.

    And so that all this does not happen, what you do is put a shell on your heart and protect it against the damage that anyone can cause you. But when you start to feel that that person is someone special and when you feel that they have shown you that they are someone you can trust, little by little, you open up. And you know perfectly that you are 100% in love with him/her when you are no longer afraid to leave your heart exposed and when you know that you can trust that person to the fullest. You have been discovering little by little how that person has been striving to gain your trust, and that is something that awakens the butterflies in your stomach. At last, you feel that security that makes you "die of love," that makes you not be afraid of anything. You feel a kind of liberation ... You even realize that you are in love because you start to trust yourself more, your self-esteem is higher, and you can even trust the other people around you much more. Look, there are times when you are "anti-love," but when you fall in love and start to feel something for someone, all that changes. You find yourself more eager to spend time with your loved ones and to trust them. Also, when your protective instinct comes to the fore, you feel like you've truly fallen in love. When you want to give the best of yourself to that person and when you want to protect them from any situation. You feel that you need to take care of her and make her never suffer. That is love, Taurus, this if you can call "love."