What Annoys Taurus Most

    One of the things that irritate you the most in this Taurus world is indecision. Last-minute changes. People who tell you white one-second end up saying dark, bright, powerful black the next. You can't handle that bipolar. Your patience is bulletproof, but the little game now is and not nowჴ€¦. It consumes your energy. But this is just a "spoiler" of what irritates you more than anything.

    You can see your manias with people who do not maintain their personal hygiene very much the order of the day, your little panic attacks with people who like late payment, and your certain hatred of people who do not know how to keep their word.

    What Are the Stereotypes of Sagittarius That You Should Know It seems absurd to you that such people exist. It seems like a real stupidity to have to put up with bad gestures and slights, and that makes you turn on. And when you turn onჴ€¦. Bad. Black, very black the sky is stained when the button of your dark part is activated. BLESSED PATIENCE! Now, don't let a false person touch you, who gives you one face but then has another that he smiles at you, like never before, but then speaks bad things about you behind your back. Luckily they find you, you can put up with the unbearable, and they don't find a very impulsive person. That is what they use. That is why they are saved. Because you don't have that kind of evil, yes, when they take you to the limit, you can let go of everything through your mouth, but you know how to stay on the line of the limits and control the situation. And don't sneak in for free. You are more of showing your face and going straight ahead. A world with more Taurus people would always be a better world.