What Are the Non-negotiable Things in Partner of Taurus


    Taurus is one of the most faithful lovers and with the most love within the heart, one of the most sensual and one of the most attractive when it comes to seducing physically and mentally. Taurus has many things to contribute to a relationship but will only do so if there is trust involved. Without trust, no Taurus love is worth it. Well, in reality, there would be nothing because Taurus needs to trust his partner a lot to throw himself fully into the relationship. For Taurus, being with someone whom you love very much but who mistrusts you would be torture ... Taurus always puts a lot of effort into creating a very strong base, in which both parts of the couple are sincere in order to love truly.


    One of the most fundamental norms for Taurus when in a relationship is CONSISTENCY. That is, not sharing life, love, time, health, and money with someone who is not clear about anything. Taurus can be a very stubborn love, it is true, but when Taurus launches himself to start a relationship with someone, he puts all the cards on the table and goes with the truth ahead, and runs into someone without coherence who does not know what he wants and play, like no ... Taurus in their relationship needs a lot of common sense and someone who knows what they want, someone with whom they can have good communication from the beginning because if not, there is no love relationship that is worth with Taurus. Taurus, with a person who does not know what he wants and who lives in the clouds, would reach the extreme of maximum madness and disappointment ... Why Scorpio Feels He Cannot Continue


    Patience without stress and without haste. Patience so that the heart of Taurus feels completely safe and can generate enough confidence to let itself be loved. Taurus needs a helping hand that gives them time and patience because it is not easy to open your heart; for Taurus, it is not easy to let yourself be loved and blindly put trust in someone first. He needs time to think, and even if he is a person of few words, Taurus shows when YES and when NO, and if his partner gives him time and patience so that he can express himself at ease, it would be a wonder, because there Taurus would banish all armor. Taurus may take time to get to that point, but it is truly a wonderful thing when it does.


    Taurus, in their relationship, does not want anyone to feel more than anyone else. It is like this, Taurus may have the reputation of a stubborn person who always has to be above so as not to get pissed off, but deep down, IT IS NOT SO. Taurus wants their relationship to be very EQUAL, that in their relationship, there is a parallel line for both parties and that everything is fair. For Taurus, no one is more than anyone. When Does Scorpio Finds Their Love

    No.5 PURE LOVE

    Isn't it obvious, right? Taurus wants true love, pure, real, and sincere love. Taurus does not want to waste time next to someone who is not 100%. You do not want your life to be with someone who is unsure of his feelings. For Taurus, it is a triumph to open your heart and fight against your fears, and when you are willing to fight and take risks for love, you want it to be for something; you want that effort to be worth it, and you DO NOT want to open your heart to someone who does not feel the same or don't push yourself to get there. The perfect partner for Taurus has to have good intentions and a sincere heart, a heart that is not afraid to fight to make the other heart trust to death.


    This is not negotiable; if there is no stability, there is no relationship with Taurus. Although Taurus falls in love or is infatuated with someone, if that someone has the same stability as an old wooden bridge that falls apart, there is nothing to do. Taurus needs his partner to be his pillar, and he needs his partner to have sane ideas, not to travel through the roof every two by three, and to have mental stability. Taurus does not like sudden changes and cannot live with dependent people who do not have stability, so this is not negotiable at all. Why Does Everyone Hate or Dislike Scorpio So Much?

    No.7 I RESPECT

    Without a doubt, one of the most weighty things they can have and something that Taurus would never negotiate with. If there is no respect in the relationship with Taurus, there is NOTHING. Taurus would never accept sharing time, love, and life with someone they do not respect. Examples? Having a relationship with someone who does not respect their friends, their family, their ideas, their point of view, or simply, someone who does not respect their time. For Taurus, that would be a horror.

    No.8 Dreams

    Taurus has a lot of dreams; although people are surprised, Taurus dreams many times when awake, but Taurus differs from everyone else for one thing: He almost always manages to make his dreams come true. Traveling all over the world, obtaining the job success you want so much, having the house of your dreams, enjoying good and healthy stability next to someone you love ...