What Happens When You Do Something Bad to a Taurus?

    When you do something bad to Taurus, you can get confused and think that Taurus will do nothing about it, that they will not be the same, and that they will act with their typical firmness and righteous vein. Well no. Taurus is the most stealthy and cunning intelligence of the entire zodiac, the perfect masterpiece of any genius, the most absolute and most unknown genius on earth because Taurus is not very about public scenes and showing his most weapons to the four winds. Powerful, no, Taurus is the absolute discretion, and even to attack, it will continue to be.

    When Taurus has to defend himself, he does it in a very direct way, without filters, without going around the bush, without beating around the bushჴ€¦.

    What Are the Strengths and Weaknesses of Scorpio Sometimes tactless, sometimes when no one expects it, but in a very well cared way, the words of Taurus can be a jug of ice water, a blow to the whole face, a real gap of reality that leaves a mark on you. Life. The person who dares to do or say something bad to Taurus they have to swallow the consequences, okay? Consequences that can leave some trauma, that's for sure, because Taurus in justice issues does not cut and goes directly to the jugular.