What Scares Taurus About Their Future

    You don't want your future marked by a big change again. You don't want everything to turn 360 degrees and for everything risky now to be useless. You do not want the effort of today to be in vain for the future because you like everything to go according to its rhythm so that there are no alterations from nothing. As a good Taurus, you hate changes and don't want them in your life. How many times have you rejected big changes in the last two months for fear of change, Taurus? How many times have you been left with the desire to take risks for fear of not doing it well? Answer with the honesty that Taurus represents you so much; you know that you have been self-conscious several times to stay with the good known that you have so far. You would not call it fear, it is the taste you have for stability and firmness, but deep in your heart, you know that it scares you a lot to risk without anything secure. Walking without knowing if the bridge is fixed or not, starting to fly without knowing if you will have enough fuel to get to the end.

    Anxiety OFF from now on, Taurus, do not fear change because changes are necessary.

    Think about it, Taurus, the humans here on this crazy planet change every two by three. We grow, we mature, we make mistakes, we surpass ourselves, and we become wiser by turning more years and wrinkles on our faces. Change constantly surrounds us, but you don't perceive that change as bad, right? Well, it is a Taurus change, and it is something natural. The changes that were planned and that were not fulfilled as they should have been fulfilled have a solution. Those may be the ones that create anxiety the most, but you can handle that and much more. Accept that your future will have changes, accept that in your present, you may be living them, and forget those that happened in your Taurus past because thanks to them, you are the hero without a cape that you have become fight after fight. As simple as that.