What Should Taurus Do When They Need to Rest

    When you need a good rest because you feel like you can't take it anymore, the ideal is NOT to lock yourself in your own personal Taurus bubble. Locking in your thoughts and shutting down from start to finish not only causes more internal stress but, in the long run, it creates anxiety. You are a very, very practical sign, and you can find many much healthier alternatives for you.

    When you feel that you are at a point where you need a break from the world and everything that surrounds you, it is not worth shutting yourself up in your room, immersing yourself in social networks for hours, or putting on the face of few friends and say "NOTHING HAPPENS TO ME."

    When that Taurus happens to you, do things that you like. Try to evade your mind and entertain yourself with another task. If you like to eat, cook and "kidnap" someone to taste your plate and then clean it. It's a good deal, you cook and the other person who cleans. Another alternative? To read a good book. If the last thing you want to do is tell someone about your problems or have to cook for someone, stay with your thoughts at home, fur blanket in hand, and read a good book. Put some incense and very soft music, ambient ... That plan takes your Taurus essence. Whatever that makes you have your mind anywhere except what causes you so much Taurus fatigue.