What Taurus Should Adviced in December

    Focus Taurus, you don't live in your past or your fucking future; you live in the present, and you have to make an effort to stay there. Focus on the here and now. Many believe that since you take everything very calmly, your mind works the same way. But it is not like that; your mind goes at three thousand an hour, very fast, and it is always thinking about a million things you have to do, what you proposed and is still pending, what happened and how you could have fixed it ... Anyway Taurus, in a million things.

    This month you should focus on enjoying every moment of your life.

    Make yourself, if you're here, enjoy THIS, and if you're there, enjoy THAT, please. Life this month will give you super special moments, very beautiful Taurus, and learn to enjoy them as you deserve. Everything will be fine, and you will be much happier ...