What Taurus Should Let Go in December

    It would help if you stopped being so vain in some respects.

    It's okay to believe it, Taurus; it's better than okay. You love to see yourself always shine; in fact, you often hide what you feel inside (you may be broken) and continue giving birth to Taurus. But sometimes, all of that comes at a high cost. Taurus, many think that you have a frozen heart, that you do not care about anything, that you only look for yourself ... And you know that it is not true, and it bursts you that they may think that, but it is that, often, it is the impression that you give to the rest.

    You can continue to shine, Taurus but try to show your feelings a little more to others; try to explain to them what you feel, what is going through your head, and what is inside you.

    Only then will they understand everything. Many people do not know you well; let yourself be loved a little, Taurus, and above all, stay at peace with yourself, expressing yourself at once and letting others see that beautiful inner world. You give an image that is not.