What Taurus Wants in a Relationship but Does Not Ask for It

    That you understand their fears, that you respect their times, that you be loyal to them until death.

    Taurus dives deep into relationships with others. When they fall in love, it is true that they seem to go through a little of everything, like they do not completely turn over. But that only happens for the first few weeks, and also, it is only for others. Taurus falls in love and falls in love completely from minute one. But obviously, it won't let you see everything. It will be reserved and will surely wait for you to take the first step. Give him his time, and respect his space, especially in the early stages of the relationship, he may not tell you, but he needs you to.

    If all goes well, Taurus will even give you his blood.

    He is a person who expects a lot from the rest, especially when that line has been crossed in which everything stabilizes. He will not mind carrying more emotional weight with your problems; he is strong, and as long as you are happy, he will do anything for you. Give him loyalty, give him fidelity and be consistent with what you say. It is the only thing he will want from you to be a person with a real word, that if you promise something, you will take it to the end, that you do not break your promises ...

    And when he has fears and doubts, make him understand that you will be there no matter what happens.

    You may see him stressed many times or it may seem that he does not know what he wants ... It is not that, it is that he surely has doubts about what you want. And that's why he has that attitude ... Show him that you have been waiting for him, that you are, and that you will be ... Always.