What Taurus Will Never Do

    You are a very faithful person in every way. Faithful to everything about you, to your beliefs, to your way of doing things, and to the people who show you that they are there for you. There are no plans in your life that do not have a good foundation, a very solid foundation made of hard work and effort. You are fucking TAURUS, and that means that you were born with the gift of firmness, responsibility, and integrity. You DO NOT sell yourself for anything (in fact, you would not do it for anything), and you do not agree to be someone else.

    You really like your values; because of them, you are capable of everything, Taurus, and you know it. You never forget your roots because they go with you from beginning to end, which is to admire Taurus.

    Which Is the Greatest Insecurity of Aquarius Sign What is it that you would never do, Taurus? Change your philosophy of life for eternal love, for the love of family, or for any mixed feelings. You would never stop being who you are just by pleasing others. You would never leave your philosophy of life aside so that the environment and the world are more accommodating and do not get angry ... Telling a Taurus CHANGE is like trying to eat a good bowl of warm soup with a fork. Impossible task. You are one of the most trustworthy and honest people on earth, and being someone that you are not to please or to pretend to is very against your Taurus beliefs, and you know it. That is why you would never do it. You do not like people who change from one value to another as the taste of chocolates and, for that very reason, you are who you are. You detest people who are not faithful to their Taurus principles; your heavy artillery is yours, and yours alone and not. You change it for nothing in the world.