What You Don't Know About Taurus When It Breaks

    When someone really cares about you and earns a place deep in your Taurus heart, they unknowingly become someone with a lot of power over your most intense emotions, and that's something you don't want the world to know. It is normal, you are Taurus, and you like to show your firmness, your integrity, your immovable temperament, and your warrior spirit. You love that others see you as someone who knows how to control everything very well and who does not leave even a minimum space of time to fall, cry or feel that nothing is possible anymore.

    When you hit bottom, Taurus, you are very capable of making the best of all armor so that no one knows it, and thus, you can wear it alone as you usually do most of the time.

    You don't want your vulnerability to peek out your window, and you don't want it to be known that you have been left behind many more times than you would like to admit when your turn was to leave to be happy. You resist Taurus, and sometimes, you do it to the point of doing more harm than you could imagine. Nobody knows how many times you have forgiven without wanting to do so, and nobody has any idea of the times you have done like you did not see anything so as not to remain in absolute loneliness; seriously, Taurus, they say about you that you are a very firm person, stubborn and stubborn, but they have no fucking idea of how many times you have been lowered by many people, especially with the one you care about of course, because even if you break into a thousand pieces you will not show it to those who do NOT deserve anything from you, a one thing does not take away the other ...