What You Want Vs What You Need That You Should Know Taurus

    What you want:

    Taurus, in a relationship, you want someone who seems to have everything clear, with clear ideas, and who is not one of those who change their mind from time to time. Someone who accepts you as you are and who allows you to be the person that you are. Someone who loves you unconditionally and who feels that he is THAT person that you have been waiting for for so long. You want me to be that person who gives you the love and affection you need. You want someone who knows how to respect your time, is not impatient, and will never rush you. You also hope that he is just as loyal and sincere as you are, that he likes long relationships, but that he knows how to commit at the ideal moment, neither before nor after. You want a partner to accompany you on life's journey, and you don't want a person to show you love for two days and then nothing. You want someone to set your goals with who will mature and grow over time. Without a doubt, Taurus, you want something long-term.

    What you need:

    But what you need in a relationship, Taurus, is a person with values similar to yours, who share tastes, and who has a very similar philosophy of life. You consider that your tastes and your way of seeing life are too good, and you think that such a person will be worth it. You need a person who goes the extra mile to seduce you, who knows well that you are a tough person and who knows how to reach your heart. Someone who strives to earn your trust but also knows how to keep it in the best possible way. Someone who is not afraid to show you love or shout from the rooftops how much he loves you. In short, someone who is not scared by love. You need love and affection without asking. Without a doubt, you like real love, for good and the bad.