When Taurus Goes Crazy

    When Taurus gets crossed and angry, don't expect him to explode immediately. Taurus has the patience even for that. Little by little, he will give you subtle clues about what he is feeling at that moment. Taurus will act passively, without you barely realizing the situation. Taurus will gradually grow apart without you noticing. Instead of being clear from the beginning and putting all the problems he has with you on the table, Taurus is silent and silent. Perhaps it is because this way, they think that they will save some discussion, but they do not realize that this way, the only thing they are going to do is make the problem bigger. With so much silence, it will only cause the problem of continuing cooking at a high temperature until it explodes. Why Scorpio Is a Very Authentic Sign

    When Taurus gets angry, you must know his signs very well. In those moments, he uses his body a lot, takes a deep breath, and is seen as trying to withstand his strength and his attack of anger.

    The truth is that it is very difficult to bring Taurus to this state; it is very difficult to bother him since he tends to be a very rational person who prefers not to disturb the harmony that happens in his life. Taurus prefers to live in peace and in his world where there are no problems. No matter how much you try to oppose him or how much you try to argue with Taurus, he will pass you by and act like nothing. You better not look for a tickle from Taurus because when the cable is crossed, it can end up fatally ...