Who Can Be the Perfect Partner for Taurus

    For you, Taurus, your soul mate, has to be a person who gives you all the confidence you need, which is not little. A person who knows how to understand everything you need and everything you need to be happy. You want someone who stands up for commitment and not just wants to hang out and have fun. A person you can really trust, be yourself, tell them what worries you without being afraid that they will judge you.

    You hate betrayal and hypocrisy, so you also want someone who respects that loyalty and is just as honest as you.

    You will not go with someone who does not meet these requirements, and for that reason, you do not mind waiting for your soulmate to come into your life. You will not leave your heart in the hands of anyone who is not as loyal as you are. What Annoies Aquarius Most in a Relationship To your soulmate, you will promise the sky, the moon, and the stars if necessary. And how you always follow through on your words; you will do whatever it takes for him/her. By your side, you need a person who is in good times but is also in bad times. Someone who supports you in the good things but also knows how to advise you when you are going to do the wrong things. Someone with very clear ideas and who is not changing his mind every two by three, because that makes you VERY on your nerves. A loving but also respectful person. May he give you all the love, all the hugs, and all the kisses in the worldჴ€”someone who knows how to value small details and is also quite detailed. For example, Taurus, your soulmate, could be someone from Cancer since he is very loving, respectful, and faithful, just everything you need to find in another person. With someone from Libra or any air sign, perhaps things would not work out the way you would like them to because they are signs with very changing opinions and ideas, even somewhat indecisive and insecure. Someone from Virgo would be able to understand you perfectly, but both of you would want to be in control, and that would be something that would make everything more complicated.