Why Dating a Taurus Woman Is Not Easy?

    The Taurus woman is responsible, patient, and thinks long-term in her relationships. She does not want fleeting loves or loves that do not add sh*t. Not at all, Taurus wants real love, and call her an idiot or call her whatever you want, but deep down, she believes in love for life; she believes that people can fall in love and spend the rest of their days with that person if that person It is the one. Do not rush everything with her because she will take her time when choosing. And not because you are on top will be decided before. Maybe I will when you stop pushing her ... Love for the Taurus girl is a process, and it is something important, so give her the time and space that she asks for and stop being impatient and stupid ... She is worth it, asshole; if you want to be by her side, TAKE CARE of her as she deserves. What Taurus Should Stop Doing Now Taurus knows how to conquer, and the truth is that he will not bear that you cut yourself or that you are embarrassed to do some things out of shyness. Taurus wants someone who is not "too good" or "too silly" by their side. Flirt with her and make fun of her a little, make things difficult for her, a little bit, let her fight but always with respect and love ... Actually, Taurus wants a strong partner by his side; he doesn't feel like having to deal with someone boring well it's silly. Although Taurus knows what you are worth and knows very well that if she wants to conquer you the first time, deep down, she expects you to resist a little, that you fight, that you do not give her everything done ... She loves games but always with a balance, always without going over or without hurting. When the day comes when she truly wins you, and you let yourself be loved once and for all, she will not stop fighting and fighting to keep you by her side. If he conquered you, don't think that he will let you go so easily. You are a very precious "possession" for her, but yes, she also knows how to let go (even if it is late) when she knows that she is not interested in being with you, so take good fucking care of her. Taurus can be jealous and possessive; with Taurus, you can have very crazy moments, very intense moments, and very quiet moments. Sometimes it seems that within her, there are many types of personality, but make no mistake, each of her "personalities" comes out depending on the treatment that is given ... Values trust as the most important thing in a relationship, and once have your trust, you will have their loyalty. Why Taurus Lost Interest in You

    She will be honest and faithful, loyal, and will give you her heart unconditionally.

    But watch out, anything you see strange and weird, any iota of dishonesty you can demonstrate, and it's over. And it's over forever. And remember that the harshest, coldest, cruelest, and most ruthless words have always come from the mouth of Taurus. Trust me, you don't want to see yourself in the shit after you've screwed up, so you better not screw it up, and that's it. Taurus loves to be pampered, romantic evenings in the light of candles, a good wine ... No matter how materialistic they may think it is, that is just a facade; Taurus wants good love, beautiful details, that you leave him your shelter when she is cold, that you give him his favorite flowers on the least expected day, that you prepare his favorite food when she least expects them ... Show him that you notice what she likes, that you notice what he's passionate about, that you notice the details she's been trying to show all the time. Taurus knows how to take care of herself; that is always, for that reason, she wants a partner who can do the same but who also takes care of her, who knows how to really take care of her. She is affectionate, and when she begins to give you her love, she thinks because it is a sign that she LOVES YOU TOO MUCH.