Why Does Taurus Fear to Fall in Love

    There has been so much time in which you have been pampering and taking care of your true Taurus self that having someone open that mini box full of hidden feelings and that someone changes everything makes you quite scared of the truth. You know it, Taurus; you know it because there have been many times in which you have let escape a love that you liked just for the simple fact of NOT opening the key to all the armor that you have been building throughout your life.

    Those armors are the culprits that those around you do not see all the sensitive light and the love that is there in you, but if they are there, it is their own protection, for things of the past, for Taurus survival ...

    What you fear the most when it comes to love is to take a radical turn in your life, make a change and not have anything measured to the millimeter. Taurus, the unpredictability that comes after jumping into an unknown pool, is what scares you the most. The uncertainty of not knowing if that person really needs you drives you back a lot. Still, simply the fact of having to risk everything without knowing anything is what scares you the most because you, Taurus, move with your feet on the ground and with more than sure proof that everything will be fine; if not, there is no worth checkmate. There is no denying that you are a super romantic soul that, when you find your soulmate changes completely, it is obvious that you have a lot of love to give Taurus, but the principle is what costs you the most, opening your heart for the first time is the greatest of your fears. What comes next also, but the moment you open the lock of your heart, is what terrifies you the most.