Why Does Everyone Hate or Dislike Taurus So Much?

    Disappointments always appear when we least expect them, Taurus, and that is the problem. For you, betrayal is the beginning of the end. It is the perfect excuse to believe that nobody wants to care for the heart. It's the reason for your fears, the reason that makes you think the world is against you. You are a person very jealous of your privacy and very protective of what you love the most. Some people have a very wrong concept of you.

    Some people see you as a strong bull who destroys everything that is in front of them, who only defends their opinion, and who has no sentimental heat.

    Those Taurus people have no idea. They don't even know half of the half because you are not like that. It may be a first impression, a security label so that they do not go overboard, but deep down, you are a very sentimental person, afraid of being hurt and eager to be able to show all the love that you carry inside. What's the matter? What because they fail you once, and they will always fail you? Do you believe that Taurus? Not everyone is the same. Nobody is perfect, and we can all make mistakes, but please don't make the mistake of thinking that nobody loves you because of a bad experience. Oh, Taurus, love! Blissful love is the core of everything.

    You, without affection, without human warmth, without true love, and without sincere feelings, do not want anything. But it is not easy.

    It's not easy because you want to love, but you also want to be the one in charge. It's not easy because you have character and because you don't let yourself be beaten the first time. But Taurus, this is so. In Disney stories, everything may turn out perfect, and love may end up triumphing. But in real life, you suffer, you love yourself until it hurts, you kiss, and you feel from the beginning. Do not think that nobody loves you because of a bad Taurus experience. Without your essence, the world does not shine the same.