Why Taurus Can't Let Go?

    There are trains that only pass once in their lives. Trains in which our dreams, our opportunities, or our love go. Each train is unique, and there is a wish to fulfill each one of them and something to fight for. What do you think would happen if Taurus missed any of those trains? It is obvious that Taurus would enter a state of nerves bigger than a stadium; seriously, Taurus is letting go of something of a natural catastrophe. Taurus is a very strong person in every way; he does not allow anyone to witness his fears, he does not depend, he does not need to follow the masses, and he does not let anyone see him fall; Taurus prefers to live with his legs shaking inside than to show the world his greatest fears, that is why he fights to the end not to let go of something that is already broken. For this reason, he ends up deceiving himself and clings to something that does not do him good, for fear that his most vulnerable part will be seen and out of the horror of a much deeper and darker feeling: ABANDONMENT. If Taurus lets go of the thing they hold most dear or the person of their dreams, Taurus enters a loop of very dangerous feelings, where abandonment takes the first place. Just because you are a person of strong character does not mean you do not have your weaknesses. Being someone who steps with knowledge and knows what he wants does not mean he can control everything ... When Taurus sees reality clearly, they will see that it is a waste of time to recover what has already been lost. You will see that it is a pain to be holding on to something that must go away, and you will bring out your most controlling side and will not let a single iota of your feelings come to light. Why? Because although Taurus appears to be strong, it may be that deep down, he is suffering much more than you.