Why Taurus Don't Want a Serious Relationship

Taurus, you don’t want to start a serious relationship now because you are afraid of neglecting your own heart. You are afraid of giving yourself too much to the other person and forgetting who you are. When you give yourself in love, you worry that the other person has everything they deserve to have and you forget that you are important too. Now you don’t want to get into another relationship because you are enjoying this time alone. Of those moments you have to disconnect and to reflect on what you really want and what you don’t.

You have learned that loneliness and singleness is not bad and that in these moments it is the best you are, calm and without pressure.

Also, in general, you tend to be quite insecure, with yourself and with others. When you meet someone, you only distrust that person until they show you otherwise. And when you start a relationship with someone, you fear a lot that the other person does not love you enough. Because you always give yourself too much and you don’t know if the other person is going to give so much. You always worry about being correct enough so that love is reciprocated.

Now you don’t feel like going through all this, you don’t want to worry so much about love. You prefer to live life and forget about love a little. There will be time to fall in love and feel the butterflies in your stomach again. You simply prefer to be as you are before starting a serious relationship that could bring you many more problems and worries.