Why Taurus Feels It Cannot Continue

    Very few people know what is really safe in your Taurus mind; very few people can know everything that you shut up, swallow or omit just for the sake of safety. People have a very wrong first impression of you because there is a lot of heat where they see cold. Where they see firmness and obsessive control, they do not see that it is maximum security to protect until the end, a very human vein of someone with a cold heart and warm hands, or vice versa? It's the same.

    You are not a cold Taurus person; you know it very well, and that hurts you; it hurts that they say or think that about you ...

    You may be in a strange situation; you are not going forward or to the past; you are in the same place, at the same moment, and, honestly, it bores you not having anything exciting to cover or do. Taurus solutions so that now you can feel that you can continue? CHANGES. The word change scares you more than a nest of spiders hidden under your cell phone, and you know it. The word change for you is BREAK, and Taurus, you don't like breaking with anything that binds you right now, so what can be done? Elaborate an internal change, Taurus; you do not have to change society, your customs, or your habits ... What you have to change is within you, Taurus; the mind is a very dangerous weapon. It can be even more so if you do not know how to use it intelligently; that is the key that you have to change Taurus to continue advancing in a different way while being faithful to your lifestyle. What do you want in your life? What would you like to do at work? Who are the ones who are going to stay by your side no matter what happens? Formulate and answer each and every question that comes to mind because they will help you.