Why Taurus Has Feeled Off That You Should Know

    The last few days have been a bit difficult for you, Taurus. Something was keeping you from concentrating and keeping you from paying attention to what was important. It was like your mind wandered to places that even you didn't know. You couldn't focus on your work, on your life, on your day-to-day. But don't worry, all this has an explanation. On October 5, Venus was in retrograde, and that was what made you feel that way. It has been a time of introspection, and although sometimes you feel lost, you have been able to connect with your inner self. Now that you know the reason for everything that was happening to you, it is important that you calm down, Taurus.

    Take a deep breath and take advantage of that patient character you have. From now on, you must look outside and stop worrying about things that no longer matter.

    Why Should Someone Forgive Scorpio ? It's okay to have a few days when you don't feel like talking to anyone or don't even feel like leaving the house. But only a couple of days, no more. Force yourself to go outside and interact with others. Put the batteries, Taurus, because if you stay in bed, you will not solve anything. On the 9th, there was a full moon, and it gave you the perfect push you were missing. He left you all that energy you needed to do what you've wanted to do for so long. To return to those habits that make you feel full and full of enthusiasm. It is important that you take advantage of all that energy that the full moon has left you in something positive and not regret what could not be. Take advantage of that energy to do that which makes you who you are.