Why Taurus Is Too Soft Heart

    Oh, Taurus! You are so used / or to being independent and hermetic / or with your things that when you show a sign of maximum affection, people go very crazy and look at you with strange faces as if saying, "who is this person and what has he done with his character? Bull" Well, it's not a bad thing. People have respect for you because you have made them respect you, but even so, there are many people who have a very wrong concept of you. Taurus, let them think what they want because those who know you know what a good person you are inside; they know the size and quality of your heart.

    Your heart softens with the people who need your help the most, with all those who cannot help themselves, with all those people who need everything and have nothing.

    The cruelty of humanity scares you and makes you very angry, Taurus, and, above all, makes your heart come out to the light and see itself in all its splendor. This could be a perfect slap in the face for all those people who say that you are the coldness in person. They, naive of life, do not know that ice cuts but that ice also burns and can do much more than extreme heat. They have no idea how much you suffer when you see someone suffer, and your life will give them Taurus life, which makes you much bigger than you think. Hopefully and more hearts like yours in this worldჴ€¦.