Why Taurus Lost Interest in You

    If Taurus lost interest in you, it's because you weren't patient enough. When it comes to falling in love, Taurus needs to take his time. He is not one of those people who, on the second day, already wants to marry you. Yes, Taurus can become committed, but when you have things clear. Before that, he needs to get to know you well and to know himself/herself. It is difficult for Taurus to gain confidence, and for that, the most important thing is time. And if you don't give it the necessary time, it will immediately lose interest in you. Taurus would like to find true love, but he knows this is not something that happens overnight. If Taurus is no longer interested in you, it is because you invaded his privacy, his independence, and his heart.

    The worst thing you can do is invade their privacy, do things like look at their phone without permission, or control who they hang out with and who they don't.

    What You Want Vs What You Need Pisces And worst of all, if Taurus sees any trace of jealousy on your part, they lose interest immediately. Taurus is quite a controlling person, but he also knows where those limits of control are. Within that character, you know what is toxic and what is not. And for Taurus, one of the most toxic things there is jealousy. If you see for your part that you are all day aware of who he talks with, who he is dating, who he is dating ... Forget about maintaining a relationship in the future. If you want things to work out with Taurus, you have to give them time and space. Let it be Taurus who sets the pace of the relationship. Do not be in a hurry; Taurus will only take the step when he feels fully prepared /, and for this, he needs to power his ideas and feelings instead. You don't have to be in a hurry to label your relationship ...