Why Taurus Should Stay Single Rather Than Having a Bad Company

    The reason you're better off alone than in bad company, Taurus, is because you really know what it's like to suffer for love, and right now, you don't feel like going through that again. Now you want to have time to enjoy without having to depend on anyone and enjoy without thinking that there will be an 'unhappy' ending. In the past, you went through something that is still on your mind; your heart is still somewhat broken, it has not been completely healed, and for that reason, now you have neither time nor desire to fall in love again.

    Although time has passed, there is still that "traumatic" breakdown in your mind, and you don't feel like starting a relationship with someone and permanently remembering the previous one.

    Why Pisces Could Lose Theirs Own It is what it is, and there is nothing wrong with being alone now Taurus; perhaps it is the best to heal you completely. Now is the time to spend it alone with yourself and to start loving yourself as you deserve. Perhaps you also prefer being alone rather than in bad company because you have another trust problem. You have a hard time trusting someone and more when you have been disappointed so many times in your past. Those issues are what tell you that you are better off single now because you're not sure if you might be able to deal with another relationship right now. You know that a future if you will be prepared to fall in love, Taurus, but now you prefer not to think about it.