How to Conquer a Virgo

    No.1 Not being the oblige of the world that only looks in the mirror and has a sponge instead of a brain.

    Because if such a navel existed, of course, it would be you and not your partner. Jokes out. In other words? You don't want to share your life with someone who looks in the mirror more times than they look at you. You don't want to be with someone who gets your attention every two or three to get people to look at them. You don't want it, not now, not in paint and not as a gift, let's go ...

    No.2 With honesty, loyalty, patience, and truth.

    You like honest people, even if you don't like listening to their truths; you like people who go up the front, and you win over people who know what they say and who are responsible for their actions and their words. If he is interested in your follies, in your ideas, in your life, in a disinterested and honest way, making you see that he is fighting for and for you, he will surely gain a place in your heart ...

    No.3 Pay close attention to your interests.

    You are not a person who loves hints very much; when you want something, you usually say it as it is, period. Now, you like your partner to be aware of your needs (because you do the same, it comes out of your soul to be like that). You would love for your partner to remember important dates like you do, the first time...

    No.4 With a very restrained romanticism, that is to say, the demonstrations of love in excess, with super sticky messages and with displays of affection on the public highway, thus being the center of everyone's attention, of courseჴ€¦.

    You like physical and intimate demonstrations, those that remain in a game or two, those that are demonstrated on a day-to-day basis and that are not only demonstrated on social networks. You love that love stays in the couple and that it does not become public domain Virgo, although that does not mean that you do not show off what you have, but you do it in a restrained way. You show your love in your own way, period.

    No.5 Insecure people who do not commit to what they say and do will not be able to enter your heart OR IN DREAMS.

    Look at this is of the utmost importance because there is nothing you value more than a commitment from the first moment. It is useless to you that the person who wants to conquer you is apparently perfect if he does not fulfill what he promises. That creates maximum mistrust, and no, you do not want that ... Whoever wants to make a dent in your heart must fulfill what he promises; he has to commit, if not, door. Easy and simple.

    No.6 Having a good hand in the kitchen.

    Oops, oops, oops, let's say that this is not the greatest requirement that you impose when it comes to conquering yourself, but it does fall within your select Virgo list. There is nothing better than a good romantic dinner at home, by candlelight, with maximum privacy, background music, and an atmosphere full of passion and intimacy. Truth?

    No.7 No deception, no secrets, no actions that make you distrust.

    To seduce and conquer you, it is not enough to go with the truth ahead. You want the person who fights for you not to cheat on you, not to sell you a perfect life at first, only to seduce you and give you the opposite later. You do not want them to play with your heart, and that may be why you are quite a distrustful person. You don't want dirty games, Virgo.