If Virgo Has Anxiety Now, This Is Why

    You are allowed to fail. You are allowed to be imperfect, Virgo. You are allowed to rip out the last pages of your story and start over. Without a doubt, that anxiety that you feel lately has only one origin ... And that origin is the error. Virgo, you must get it into your head that NOTHING HAPPENS if you fail. You must also realize that everything is part of your imagination and mind. You often do things well, but as soon as your mind sees a small failure, you already punish yourself by saying that you have done everything wrong. No, Virgo, things don't have to be this way. Worst of all, it affects you a lot later, and you can't just let your day change because of something like that. Virgo, you are allowed to be a perfectionist, but you are not allowed to be embittered by a little flaw for the entire day, the week, the month, and even the year.

    You have to accept that perfection does not exist. To move on with your life, you will have to accept that not everything you do will be perfect.

    That nothing happens if you fail because you will have more opportunities to show that you serve much more. Stop putting so much pressure on yourself; stop putting so much responsibility on yourself. Even when you take things slower, you will see how much better you start to do. And all that will be because you will have already learned to know how to manage your anxiety, and you will have learned to lose. Our true fear comes from the fact that it is difficult for you to accept that you are human and that ALL humans make mistakes sooner or later. Virgo, it is important that you learn to see life from that point of view if you do not want to be like this all your life ... It is important that you grow personally and realize that the mistake can become your best friend.