What Annoys Virgo Most

    Whoever has the guts to take away your reason when you know that you have it does not know, but very little by little, they are digging their own grave. Very slowly, you are drawing a black cross on his face and letting him see that he has touched the button that he did not have to touch. The one with the maximum irritation. It's not that Virgo irritates you; it's that you directly hate him.

    You hate being treated like a crazy person who doesn't know what he's saying when deep down you know more than enough of the whole truth. But that they mount a drama of all that and take it to the limit is beyond you.

    The melodramatic little scenes in public purposely overwhelm you and destroy the holy patience with which you were born. Seriously, there is nothing else that takes you to the dark side. Drama for soap operas and coherence and respect for real life, because if not, you are not responsible for the words that may come out of your mouth, and you know it. That they do not return your calls in a very short space of time can annoy you a little, but that they do NOT directly return your calls; when you lose time in interesting for something, Virgo irritates you a lot. That's kind of rude that you don't like hair. The minimum would be to receive an answer since you are wasting time being interested in others, right? Those kinds of details take you to the dark side, you know ... but deep down, you also know that they are not worth it. People like that will have what they deserve, and you know they don't deserve you. But that does not mean that Virgo irritates you and bothers you. Luckily you're a Virgo, and you always get justice ...