What Are the Truths About Virgo That You Should Know

    1. Virgo is not the cold, firm, dark rock that everyone talks about

    Virgo is a much more sentimental person than anyone knows, much warmer and more emotional, and no, he does not want anyone to know it because that is kept under the layers and layers of armor that he wears. Virgo may be someone who talks little about his feelings and all the worries that are dancing through his mind, but that is something he struggles with day after day; it is something that causes him a lot of anxiety at times. People think that people Virgo are so because they want to be like that, but no one stops to think that's something you're born with a shield that comes standard .. . Deep down, Virgo has the cleanest gaze in the entire zodiac. Whoever appreciates those small details invisible to critical eyes will know that it is the truth, the pure truth. Without a doubt, his love takes the prize for the purest and most loyal of the entire Zodiac.

    2. He is a difficult person to understand due to his character

    Virgo is a complicated person to understand because his character is presented as a warrior who cannot be defeated even with the best strategies. But people who know Virgo know that this is nothing more than a vast shell that Virgo has built throughout his life. Virgo people are born with hearts full of armor because they want stability, they do not want to suffer, and they do not want radical changes ... Virgo does not want to open his heart to be hurt; he does not want to show himself as he is so that they do not play with his feelings, in deep down that heart of half helo and half stone is nothing more than pure and complex butter ... Virgo is a very sentimental person, but of course, nobody knows this.

    3. He suffers a lot from his internal struggles of heart and reason

    Incredible true? Who would know ... Virgo having a fight of reason against heart? Yes, it does, and many more than anyone could ever imagine. Virgo suffers everything in silence, and it costs him a world and a half to open the doors of his heart and his feelings for many things, although FEAR is the most crucial trigger. Virgo does not have the most demonstrative and fiery character in the world, but that does not mean that he does not have a good heart. On the contrary, his heart is a gift from heaven because he is faithful, he is loyal, he is hot, and outstanding. That Virgo does not have the most loving character in the world does not mean that he does not suffer for love because it may be that he is one of the most sufferings. He is silent, and he drowns in his silences more times than they should; he carries everything inside and only explodes when he can no longer and with a trusted person. It is difficult for Virgo to trust, but it is only pure protection; it is like a shield with which he is born and from which he has to learn little by little.

    4. You push yourself too hard for fear of failing

    Virgo loves order, cleanliness, and things done well. He loves relationships in which there is effort and works on both sides ... Virgo is not one of those people who accept a "not bad" for an answer; Virgo seeks to approach a perfection or enter fully into it. She gets very frustrated because of it; she demands more of herself than she should, and deep down, she has a wrong time because she doesn't want to fail; she doesn't want her work and effort to go unrecognized ... Virgo cannot settle when he knows that deep down, he can do better; he is very capable of not resting until he sees everything clearly, and that takes its toll. Virgo has many insecurities in this matter because, deep down, the criticism affects him a lot ... Virgo relaxes and lets himself be seen as he is when he begins to have confidence and when he is 100% confident. If not, nothing. Now once it does, the world shakes ...

    5. His most impressive power is his excellent hand in the world of research

    If he is a Virgo specialist in something, it is in analyzing the details from beginning to end; no matter how minimal, Virgo hunts them at the moment. Virgo's mind is a shark that does not let a single bit of information be lost; Virgo in this sector seems like someone supernatural because their eyes always capture everything, everything, everything. It is challenging for Virgo to be surprised by something that appears at the last moment; Virgo always has all the ends well tied, and if he suspects something or someone, he moves heaven and earth to find out where those suspicions come from. He knows when someone lies to him, he knows when someone hides information from him, he knows very well how to pretend he knows nothing to see how far others can go with his lies ... A genius.