What Do Virgo Expect the Most From Others?

    What Virgo wants from others is for them to be detailed people, just like Virgo is. Everyone knows that Virgo is a person who likes to listen to others and give them everything they need at all times and wants to receive the same in return from others. Although he may seem like a cold and distant person, he wants to feel heard and loved by those people who matter to him.

    It would be best to have people who are always there, ready to listen to all your problems when Virgo decides to express their feelings and emotions.

    Earning that place in the life of Virgo is not easy because he himself is pretty demanding when it comes to all the people who enter his life. So for all those who wish to enter Virgo life, good luck. But Virgo also needs people in his life who are orderly, intelligent, who are clear about what they want, and who are ambitious. Ordered because, basically, Virgo hates disorder with all his might and would not bear to have people by his side who do not even have an order in their thoughts. Smart because Virgo needs to share everything they know with another person and feel fully understood. People who are clear about what they want and who are not constantly making trouble and jeopardizing the control that Virgo has. The people who are going to be next to Virgo have to be very clear about what they want from the first moment because they cannot stand those people who change their minds from one moment to the next. In short, what Virgo needs at his side are understanding, confident, and calm people with clear ideas.