What Does Love Mean for Virgo

    What does the word 'love' mean to Virgo? For Virgo to love someone is to support that person and give them all their respect. Virgo may seem a somewhat cold, distant, and somewhat reluctant person when it comes to showing their love, but when they truly love and love you, they are capable of anything. For Virgo, love is based on respect and mutual trust.

    Virgo is not one of those who give love if he knows that it will not be reciprocated. For their love, to be honest, it has to be reciprocated and mutual because if Virgo, love is nothing.

    And although it is a little distant, Virgo deep down wants to love and feel loved. More than loved, you need to feel respected and supported by another person and, in turn, respect and support another person.
    Virgo's love is not based on a simple whim of a day or a couple of months, but Virgo takes time to believe and trust that person. Virgo is not one of those who fall in love and trusts a person from one day to the next. Virgo love is something that will be discovered little by little in the long term, and perhaps this type of love is one of the best and one of the longest-lasting. Of this love, it is difficult to tire quickly because Virgo will give the necessary doses so that this does not happen.
    Loving for Virgo also means mentally developing, growing, and opening your mind to the likes, hobbies, flaws, and virtues of the other person. Loving is a process that Virgo needs to go through in order to mature as a person. Without a doubt, the perfect combination of love for Virgo is respect, support, and commitment.