What Makes Virgo Happy

    If you really want to make Virgo happy, all you have to do is understand and accept him as he is. Virgo is thrilled to know that someone is spending time trying to understand him. It makes you feel that you are truly appreciated and that you are giving your time to Virgo. Virgo likes to feel loved. He is not looking for a fairy tale where everything always has a happy ending, but simply to find that person who is capable of understanding everything good and everything terrible about Virgo. Although, at first, it may seem that Virgo is perfect, everyone knows very well that in reality, it is not like that and that it has its flaws and its virtues, like everyone else.

    Unlike other signs, Virgo likes routine a lot. He likes to feel that everything follows an order and that everything is under control, that nothing is going to go beyond those limits.

    Virgo loves to plan their entire life. It scares you that something could go wrong because you did not organize it well before. Because all Virgo wants is for everything to be perfect. Let everything turn out just as you imagined it in your mind. And it is that when something turns out like that, Virgo is pleased, but it is not happy because everything has gone well; it is happy because everything has turned out just as Virgo wanted. Also, Virgo is filled with happiness when he finds that person who shows himself as he is. That he does not lie and that he does not hide anything. That shows both its flaws and its virtues. That person who is very clear about what he has come to do in life but who is also clear that he is not perfect. It will be that person who earns Virgo's total trust. Because she loves that people are faithful and genuine and that they never hide their worst parts. Virgo greatly appreciates sincerity. Therefore, he is not looking for the perfect person because he does not exist. You just want a person in your life who is perfectly imperfect. And just with that, he will be happy.