What Makes Virgo the Most Powerful Sign?

    Power can reside in many of our traits, and it is within our personality and also within our minds. There are many of our traits that can become super powerful people, and we have to bring our full potential to light. What makes you powerful or influential, Virgo is that temperance and that patience that you have at all times. You have the power not to lose your temper at any time, to remain calm, and to control all impulses. It is a challenging thing, Virgo, because even people who seem calmer can lose control in the middle of a crisis or a nervous breakdown, but not you.

    It is true that you are very concerned about any minor problem, but when it comes to something serious, something of great importance, you are always in control.

    Even in those moments when the nerves seem to take over you, you always try to think cold; you try to calm yourself in any way and make it not stress that thinks for you. You know that acting calm is the only way things turn out right for you. Also, Virgo, you are someone who works hard to improve each day, grow, and become a better person, and there is nothing more powerful than that. You work day by day on your improvement. You are very nonconformist, you always want more, and that is what makes you grow, what makes you evolve. You may think that this is sometimes stressful, that you can become obsessed with perfection, Virgo, but coming from you, you will never reach that limit. Your highest priority in life is to be a better person; it is to advance, whether in your personal life, sentimental, in your career, or simply in your image.

    You will never stop, you will never rest until you get what you want, and that, dear Virgo, is a great power; that is what makes you such a solid and persistent person.

    There are times when you get overwhelmed because you do not see the fruits, because you think that the effort has not been worth it, but don't worry. When you least expect it, you will see how Karma rewards you. With great power comes great responsibility, Virgo, and your responsibility is to know how to be patient and not despair when you see that things are slow in coming.