What Scares Virgo About Their Future

    The discomfort caused by not having control of everything around you right now is possibly one of your strongest Virgo fears, the fear of disorder, of not being in control, that everything flows and changes out of nowhere ... You are a very, very observant Virgo person, especially with the small details that go unnoticed in the eyes of others. You don't like people touching your things, and you don't like them taking their liberty and sticking their noses in your affairs. You hate being said something in your name, you hate being on people's lips without your permission, and you can't with people who think they have the privilege of putting their hands in your life. That fear of disorder, in general, generates a lot of internal anxiety, Virgo.

    Although on the outside, you have calm in each of your wrinkles, on the inside, you bite down to the nails of your toes, and you know it, Virgo.

    Your life is changing very little by little, and you want everything to be under your command; you want it to be only good things, that there are no last-minute unforeseen events ... Do not worry about what will come, Virgo, do not be scared by the changes that may come without warning, okay? And be careful with paying that internal fear that you carry so silently with people with whom they do not deserve ugly words from you, Virgo; empathizing for a few seconds a day with who you know deserves never hurts. And do not worry too much about not having the universal and magical control that manages to have everything under your absolute control, Virgo. What has to come will come, and they will not look for the dark side because they WILL find it from now on. Say CHAO to the restrained Virgo who chewed his TONGUE so as not to explode and embrace your strongest Virgo side because being selfish in a healthy way has never felt so good for you. You shine, you dazzle, and you break it, Virgo, go ahead and for all.