What Virgo Should Adviced in December

    Please do not waste time with Virgo explanations; people only listen to what they want to hear, and that, in the end, ends up burning you a lot. Sometimes it is good to take time in what you do. First, because only when you leave is when you begin to appreciate what you did and how fundamental you were in many aspects. And second because, in the end, you need to breathe from constantly being in the same circles.

    If you do not get out of things that end up burning you a lot, you will end up exploding, and that is precisely what should not happen, that you explode.

    Because when you do it, you feel like shit, you explode like a beast, you start to consider changing your life, but in a big way, and you are able to leave everything. And everything is EVERYTHING. And to be honest, it is something that does not always suit you, because you do not act with desire, if you do not do it they are anger, with a lot of anger. You have to learn to ignore and not get so involved with everyone. Really, Virgo, you need it for your health. Remember that you cannot change others, remember that you cannot really change anyone, anyone who does not want to.