What Virgo Wants in a Relationship but Don't Ask for It

    That you understand his peculiarities, that you respect his hobbies, that you understand his trust problems when it comes to opening up to you, that you know that he wants to be with you despite everything.

    Virgo is a super cautious person; in fact, very often, he is highly analytical and critical of himself / o and everything that surrounds his life. Her expectations are super high, and she gets extremely frustrated when she doesn't get something that she really wants. You will never settle for little; never settle for less than you ask for. It takes Virgo a long time to lower their guard and open up to someone, but once they find that person who could be their soul mate (Virgo will ALWAYS have their doubts and distrust of anyone), they will be willing to give a chance, to give themselves an opportunity.

    Sometimes it can seem like you have too many plans if one goes wrong.

    Many times he is not capable of giving himself 100% because he does not want to be left "with nothing" if that plan does not work. Therefore, even if he loves you a lot, he will give you 99; he will always keep that one just in case. Virgo will be super loving with you, loyal and devoted. Even if the relationship is going from strength to strength, you need to know that your partner understands your strange quirks, those weird quirks you have, and even those trust issues. And he wants that, despite that, they are sure of what they have with them. Virgo knows that it is difficult to find someone who respects all this and who, in addition, understands it perfectly and does not judge him. Just as he knows that it is challenging for them to gain his trust ... However, he will not say anything, and he prefers to keep quiet and not appear too sensitive. Maybe you should be the one to come a little closer and see how it is giving you everything little by little.