What Virgo Wants Right Now

    Look, Virgo, and there is no space, time, or anything that can gather each and every one of the points that you are not going to abandon this year. In the best of the people who will change the most for the better and who will be loved better this year, you are in the top Virgo, and you want to love yourself more and better; you want everything to change for the better and that the positive can at once for all to everything toxic that unfortunately left its mark last year.

    You don't want anyone to get away with doing something wrong and not just when they do it to you; in general, you want overall Virgo wellness for you and your people.

    You want the bad to pay and the good to get their reward, you want justice, and you want this not to be a momentary change. You want these changes to be for life. In 2018 you gave confidence to people who did not deserve a single word from you, but Virgo, past stepped on, period, it has been the greatest lesson of all, to open your eyes the bloody time.
    This is Virgo last year, there were many times when you promised yourself many things that did not end, but this year that perfect opportunity to turn OFF the voices that right now do not paint anything and to listen carefully to your people, to your heart and your cunning Virgo, because you want nothing toxic in your life.

    That is fixed by doing the biggest cleaning of your life.

    Do it right now, do not feel wrong about complying with your new rules and loving them more than ever because if all that leads to you being in a healthy environment at once and with people who really deserve you, okay. For your happiness right now, anything goes Virgo.