What Virgo Will Never Do

    You are a very strong Virgo person, very, very firm, and exceptionally hard-working. You like people who take their tasks and goals seriously. You like people who keep their promises and who know how to give a lot of themselves. This is Virgo, and you like that type of people because you see yourself reflected in them. What is it that you will not stop being, no matter how hard you try Virgo? Be the most demanding person in any group of friends. Be demanding of yourself and being demanding with almost everything in life, to the point of reaching the struggles of one against all. This is Virgo, and you are not afraid of having to face half the world just for having to defend an idea.

    You are not at all afraid of saying things as they are, although sometimes those things are very critical, you do not like to decorate your words ...

    It is true that you are a very critical person, but it is also true that in your words, there are never any notes of liesჴ€¦ It is also true that later, in reality, the person you criticize the most is yourself. That's right, apart from being it with everyone, they want it with you, and that means that you are not a hypocritical person at all ... You like to demand what you like to receive from others, neither more nor less. In a way, this is divine justice. Yes, you are a very critical person, but you are also a very humble person who never forgets where his roots come from. That's right, you love all your genius for Virgo success, but you take it humbly, and that's what counts.