What You Don't Know About Virgo When It Breaks

    The moment you say SORRY when you don't have to say it, it is a sign that something terrible may be happening, Virgo, and you know it. When the moment comes when you act alone and stop asking for help because you feel or think that you could become a burden for someone else, Virgo, it is a sign that you have to act when before and increase that value again. There is in you. That is a vital key to knowing that something is happening to you, that you do not want to tell it for fear that someone else knows it and may take it to their ground to act against you, Virgo. Seriously, Virgo, nobody knows that you can act like this because nobody would believe it.

    The people who tell you they know that you are a very firm person, very his, controlling, stubborn and very, very responsible, who does not shut up even one and that always acts with the truth ahead.

    It is true, all that is true, but those strong person armors hide a part that almost nobody knows about you, Virgo, and you know it; although it is difficult for you to recognize it, you know very well that you can allow yourself to be influenced just by not savoring the emptiness or the loneliness. You are not used to others winning Virgo; you never allow their opinions to be above yours when you know that they are not logical, very few times do you give your arm to twist out of pure pride, and you never underestimate your intelligence in relation to that of the other Virgos, that is your presentation label, and that is why they underestimate you, and they think that you are a sergeant 24 hours a day. But no one has a clue of how much you can let go, suffer and feel when you are not well and how far you are from your true Virgo self.