What You Want Vs What You Need That You Should Know Virgo

    What you want:

    By your side, Virgo, you want a person who tries to understand everything that happens inside you but without overwhelming you. That respect your space and your feelings. Someone who meets all your requirements that you have on the subject of love. Someone who is 'perfect' for you. Someone who does not interrupt the control of your decisions. You want intelligence and strategy in the relationship, that your partner does not make things easy for you and that you have to fight to make things go well. Virgo, you need a person who is 100% faithful and who does not fool around when it comes down to it. For you, fidelity is essential in the couple. You want someone who knows how to give you advice when things are not going well for you, who helps you with all your problems, and who is also a freak of order like you. You know that if that person is not as orderly as you are, things are going to turn out awful ...

    What you need:

    But to be honest, Virgo, what you really need in a relationship is someone who accepts you for who you are and that he understands you, even in those aspects where even you don't understand yourself. Someone with an intellectual level similar to what you have and who can provide you with new knowledge that you do not yet have. You really need someone who knows how to get you out of that shell where you hide and who teaches you that showing your feelings is not as bad as you thought. You need your partner to stimulate you and make you feel that you are more alive than ever. But, above all, you need your partner to be reliable, trust you, and you can trust them. Thank you for being so helpful, and I feel grateful for living life with you. Virgo, without a doubt, you need someone who knows how to value you as you deserve from head to toe.