When Virgo Finds Its Perfect Match

    In the past, Virgo has only encountered people who have not been able to understand what it is to be in love. A person who is stressed and does not know how to follow or understand Virgo. But now, at last, Virgo has realized that this is the first person who has been able to understand the most challenging aspects of love and who has not been afraid to be in love. Virgo has found that person who always bets on them. Someone who values sincerity above anything else. Virgo has been made to see that commitment is not something to be afraid of if there is love out of fear. Because before, I saw commitment as something almost impossible because I thought that something could not last forever.

    Virgo is a very maniac and a very perfectionist person. Things always have to go the way Virgo wants, and if they don't go that way, it's not going to stop until everything is perfect.

    That is why he is not going to stay with the first person who passes through his life. Virgo has struggled and waited until he found the person he really deserved. Now he understands that everything he has been waiting for has been worth it because he finally feels that he is in front of a person who understands his hobbies and his shortcomings. Virgo does not like people who agree with him, even if he does not take it just to shut up. And he realizes that he has found the ideal partner because he has in front of that person who discusses all his arguments and that they will always reach a point where both are in agreement. Virgo is going to feel that this person is still out of balance and out of their comfort zone. But he has realized that he is THAT person by the amount of happiness that runs through his veins every time he spends a minute in front of her. Because of the great acceptance he feels when he is by his side and because he believes that everything will be worth it in the future.