Which Is the Greatest Insecurity of Virgo Sign

    You are Virgo, and therefore, you like things around you to always turn out well. It is true that you are a very perfectionist person and that you care that things turn out the way you want them to. You like to do things in the best possible way, but you also like to do it your way. It is not wrong to be like this either; on the contrary, being like this makes you strive to achieve everything you set your mind to and makes you a person who never gives up, is persistent, and always does everything possible to do things right.

    Without a doubt, Virgo, you are a person who works very hard and who does not abandon the first change. A person is very sure of everything he does and trusts in the power he has.

    But most of your insecurities are born from all of this. There are many times that you get a little obsessed because things turn out PERFECT, to the point that you can lose your patience and sanity. You are AFRAID that things will not turn out the way you planned. For you, things do not go well implies that you were to blame. That everything depended on you and that you were not able to do it as it had to be done. At times like this, you feel insecure, lost, and even useless sometimes, but no, Virgo, don't let your mind go to these places just because of your insecurities.

    Perfection does not exist, nor will it ever exist, and the sooner you accept it, the sooner you will overcome your insecurities.

    You have to begin to appreciate and value your work and your efforts. Don't throw it away just because something didn't turn out the way you wanted it to. Value yourself as you deserve, Virgo, please ... Virgo, remember that the imperfect is perfect. It will not be easy to overcome your insecurities, and they will always be there, but it is essential that you are aware that they are there and that you know how to handle them because otherwise, you can sink a lot. Start living and enjoying the imperfection because it is your imperfections that make you unique.