Why Dating a Virgo Woman Is Not Easy?

    The Virgo girl is not like the others; in fact, as soon as you meet her, you realize that there is something that characterizes her from the rest. She isolates herself in her world when she feels overwhelmed, protects herself when things are not going her way when she knows they can hurt her ... Take your time to conquer her, and yes, approach her with caution. She doesn't take care of what her mouth comes out with when she's pissed off or when she feels hurt. Virgo can appear quiet and polite. And it is. But when others are polite to her. No more, no less. Virgo has very witty comments, very sarcastic, and sometimes they even seem cruel, but deep down, they are not meant to hurt. He does not mince words and is usually not short when expressing something that he feels or that goes through his head. That may be like a lot, but it may also not like it. Virgo will fall in love with you when she sees that you go further, that you really want to know her when you are able to laugh at that sarcasm and irony that applies to almost everything, even when it is at your expense.

    There is something that Virgo will never want you to know; deep down, Virgo is a soft, very tender girl who is much more affected by things than she seems.

    Sometimes she acts like this to protect herself so that others don't think she's soft or vulnerable ... Virgo is a practical woman, a real woman who always likes truths to the face. It may seem cold and even a little intimidating, but it is only cautious and cautious. He has a lot of love that he gives, but he doses it little by little and also decides very well to whom to give it, to whom to give it all ... He needs his time ... The Virgo woman is extremely intelligent, and that is what she really wants from you. Natural intelligence, that you know how to contribute, that you add, that you can talk about everything with you and not that you are just a body or a pretty face without substance.

    Virgo knows how to forgive, even if it costs them sometimes, but it is doubtful that they will forget. You can throw dirt out of the way. You can even bury that damage and leave it there, alone.

    But in the end, if you ever dig it up, the pain will still be there. When Virgo feels that she wants to be with you and begins to give you everything, she feels exposed and is afraid that you might fail her. If in itself, it is difficult to approach the life of a Virgo because it always puts barriers and limits; as you fail it, you have screwed it up forever. Virgo will significantly appreciate the details you have with her. He will appreciate every gesture and will give you everything in return. Do not abuse their trust because Virgo only gives it once. If there is shit on your part, there will be no more because it will not give you another chance. He will try very hard to make the relationship work, and he will try his best. Remember that their friends, their family, and their career are just as important as you. Don't try to compete. Each one has its space and its place, although they are just as important.