Why Does Everyone Hate or Dislike Virgo So Much?

    The strength you have within is supernatural, Virgo, but it can become a double-edged sword at the least opportune moments. That that nobody listens to you, nobody understands you, and that your voice is much lower than that of others ends your patience with a stroke of the pen. You feel like the world is against you; when you can be the one who turns against the Virgo world, that's the way it is. Recognize that you have a lot of character and that when you think you are right, you do not stop. But what is the problem then? What is the real reason for you to think like this? The misunderstanding.

    You know more than enough that you can lose your forms.

    You know perfectly well that you are not the darling in person when it comes to defending something that you love very much. You know your darkest points with complete accuracy, and do not hesitate to bring them to light when you need it most. You know there are times when you go overboard with your comments, but best of all, you recognize it. You have no problem accepting that this is so. You don't lie or tell tall tales to save your ass. That is what makes you great, Virgo, but at the same time, it is what makes you experience a bit of uncertainty when seeing the reaction of others.

    Nobody takes it well to be told things to your face without filters harshly. It is logical, and you do not like that they go to you in those ways either.

    But you are not a fake person, and it is what it is. You know more than enough. But for your mental health, sometimes you should open your mind a little more, let go, not save so much and start spending more people. Because when you really disappear, they notice it even in the Virgo moon ... and it hurts.