Why Does Virgo Fear to Fall in Love

    Virgo, the last thing you want is for your personal and love life to be exposed as if it were an article in the latest fashion magazine for the whole world to see. The last thing that you would look for is to make the whole public want more in relation to you, Virgo, and that your privacy becomes of public opinion and stops being private. That is Virgo; that is what scares you the most about loving and love, the fact of leaving your privacy a little unprotected and seeing how someone is part of it. It is evident that those who do not know you think that you are something like a walking stone heart. Still, it is much more satisfying for people who know you love you even more for that because that is all facade and because, in reality, you are a very sentimental and very loving person. You are afraid of loving that very thing, the one that more people than due see that very intimate and hidden part of you, Virgo, and you only want your partner to be a witness of it; you do not want your love life to become a circus that can be criticized and you know.

    You are a very astute Virgo person, and you only let the rest see what you want, neither more nor less, and the mere fact of losing that part of the control and blindly trusting someone who may or may not fail you leads you to a mini stage of extreme anxiety.

    But only until you see that you can trust entirely because afterward, it is all glory, and you know it. Who said love doesn't change? Lie, of course, because love changes your life, sometimes more or another less, but it changes it, and that may be your greatest fear, not being the same person as before.