Why Is Virgo Unsuperable

    They cannot and will not get over you because you are a very hardworking person. Virgo, from the cradle, you already had organized thoughts and perfect control systems for your success to make a difference and make history. Seriously, kidding, Virgo, you are a very difficult person to overcome because you have worked so hard to make it that way.

    Luck has not fallen from the sky for you, and you have not been triumphant by dark hands that have given you the job done; you had not begged for help when you knew you could try again ...

    Many things have been the ones that have made you great Virgo, but the main one is your CONSTANCE, and that is not bought with all the money in the world. That good trait of yours is earned with time, effort, sweat, and a lot of hard work. That distinctive trait is yours for a reason. You are a person to admire, who does not throw in the towel in the face of the worst adversities and who, for better and for worse, persists and resists and goes to the end. Do you know what is the best of all, Virgo? That absolutely NOBODY can question this. NOBODY is a Virgo, and you know it; even if they die of envy inside, you know that you are very capable of everything you propose and more. They have seen you up close, they have seen the cunning you use when you want something, and they have witnessed your inner strength and your word. That is Virgo, you are a person of your word, and if you wear something, you fulfill it. If you promise that you will go to the end and that you will be able to with everything that comes your way and more, you do it, Virgo, and you fulfill your purpose with a note, that always. Getting over you is impossible.