Why Should Someone Forgive Virgo ?

    We all make mistakes, but not all of us are able to recognize them. Sometimes our mistakes hurt others, and we don't know how to make amends. You are a very meticulous and orderly person, Virgo. You like to see things from a more systematic and practical approach. For you, making up is not an easy thing. Asking for forgiveness for you means stopping being the person in control of everything and becoming someone more sensitive. It is not easy for you to forgive, Virgo; it is something that can overcome you in many moments. Therefore, for you, an apology can be a problem closely linked to your sensitivity. For you, Virgo, mistakes are something that is not allowed in your life, and that is why it is so difficult for you to recognize what you do wrong.

    Virgo, seize the moment. If at one point you see yourself with the will and willpower to ask for forgiveness and acknowledge your mistakes, do it.

    Please don't put it off any longer because it can be worse. And even if it is not in your plans to ask for forgiveness, if that day you feel it is necessary, do it. There's nothing wrong with spontaneous, even if it scares you, Virgo. Risk more and ask for forgiveness, just to stay in that peace that you like so much. That peace, that monotony, that tranquility ... In the end, you will even be grateful for having had that hard time, and you will feel liberated when you have recognized your mistakes. Work on it, Virgo, and you will see that it is not as difficult as it seems.