Why Virgo Can't Let Go?

    Do you know that feeling that enters your body when you do something you don't want to do? What happens to you when you play against your own rules? That does NOT happen to Virgo because Virgo follows its own rules and acts according to what it feels, thinks, and sees. Point. When Virgo does not let go of a situation that he knows is bad for him, it is because he has seen something that can still be saved, because he knows that he may have more opportunities and because he senses that it is not the end. When you do not let go of a person who hurts you, honestly, it is because you do not see it. Because love is much bigger than the truth than everything evident. Virgo is a fearless, strong, determined, stubborn, stubborn, controlling person, and everything you want to say. Still, when he is blind to love, affection and tenderness, he is completely blind and does not see how beneficial it can be to leave to go. It is believed that by letting go, you lose. It is believed that by letting go, he throws in the towel and enters the club of cowardice. Virgo is very focused on what his people may think; However, it does not appear that Virgo takes their opinions into account, and the last thing he wants is for them to think that he threw in the towel; he needs to have everything very well tied and controlled before jumping into the game. pool. What Virgo does not know is that letting go is an excellent therapy to renew yourself inside and out. That it is an opportunity to open thousands of more doors and that it is not, that it is not losing, nor throwing in the towel; on the contrary, letting go is giving your life a new opportunity, and even more so if that hurts you, Virgo is cunning, and he has an excellent eye for everything. Still, many times he does not see how toxic is in front of him.