Why Virgo Feels He Cannot Continue

    If you feel that you want, but deep down, you CANNOT, do not force yourself, Virgo, do not force yourself to make decisions when you know that it is not the right time to do it because that way, you will only end up worse than you were.

    Accept that you cannot be in control of everything and move on. Look, Virgo, nothing is written, life can take many last-minute turns, and nothing is what it seems.

    You waste too much time, NOT WASTE TIME, and what you end up doing is really wasting time. Let everything flow, believe more in yourself, trust your criteria and let the benefit of the doubt enter your life. There are memories that will never leave your life, Virgo, and your elephant memory is the main culprit that you remember everything, everything, everything. It is what it is, you are a genius when it comes to keeping information that you like safely, but Virgo, there are things, memories, information, and loves that also go out of date and expire over time. Even if you don't forget any of that, you always have and will have the availability to continue making your life and to let everything pass and nothing influence you. Your memories cannot be burned, but the thread that binds you to them can be Virgo. If you burn that thread, they will not disappear from your memory, but they will from your present, and that suits you a lot because if your mind is free of memories, it has space to create many new and better ones, and you know it.