Why Virgo Has Feeled Off That You Should Know

    Yes, it is true that lately, things have not gone the way you wanted them to be. You have gone through a few hard times for yourself, in which you did not even know how to understand yourself. Moments where emotions took over you, and you couldn't even get control of them. Moments where you despaired of not knowing what to do to overcome it. A lot of doubts occupied a large part of your mind and did not let you see further. You felt very off why you did not know what you could do to overcome all this. You tried to get away, but it kept chasing you. They have been a bit of a desperate time because you couldn't control your life no matter how hard you tried.

    The reason you felt this way was none other than the phases of the moon. Believe it or not, the moon affects us more than we think.

    And you have felt that way about the moon and the retrograde of Venus. But you also have to give thanks to the moon and its energy because thanks to the new moon on October 9, you have been able to recharge your batteries to be able to move forward. The full moon has given you all the strength and energy you needed to let go of that past that did not stop haunting you. Now you are at the top, Virgo; now you feel more willing than ever to do all that you could not do. But be careful; you have to be very clear about what your energy really deserves and what it does not deserve. Because what we don't want now is to go back to business as usual ...