Why Virgo Is Considered as the Most Authentic Sign

    Your intelligence really deserves global Virgo recognition, and you know it. Your essence is one of the few that can boast of being 100% real, without filters, without alterations since you came into the world because you are nothing changeable, Virgo. Still, in truth, it is your CHARACTER who takes the big lottery prize because since then he is the one with the most feet on the ground, without a doubt.

    Your character is reasonably practical because you are one of the most precise people there is when carrying out the plans that you make in your head in order to achieve the goal. When you act, you know very well where you are moving, what you have or do not have to do, and what you can find on your way.

    When you have a problem, you get angry, like everyone else (you know that your anger can be somewhat traumatic, especially for extremely sensitive people, because your words are not silky when they come out of your mouth with anger). Still, you turn that initial anger into courage and strength to find the best solution for all and thus make a difference. Could you be nicer to people who think you're a bit of an edge? Yes, of course. Could you show your feelings more and not be such a hermetic person? Well also. But this comes standard with your character, and that does not mean that you are not a very sentimental person because you are in reality. You are with whom you think, with whom you deserve it, and with whom you really want to be, the apparent things and the always thick chocolate, right? You are a very authentic person. After all, you do not allow yourself to be manipulated because you do not allow yourself to be influenced by Virgo. No, you do not allow yourself to change an iota of yourself and your personality even if they pay you millions. That is not so easily found in the world, you know? Do not sell yourself for something that is very appealing to honor that solid character that you have is very worthy of admiration. You know that success is not born from the earth, you know that rewards are worked, and you fight for them, and you do not wait for them to fall from the Virgo clouds; you know very well that you have to work very hard to achieve success and that is admirable of here to the sky and back to the stars.